About Us

We launched Moov in 2023.

The idea?  To develop cutting-edge modular orchestration platforms, custom insurance products, and intuitive mobility services for retail users and industry operators.

We are committed to change the game in the world of mobility, making it more simple, reliable and sustainable!

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Our team

We believe our strength lies in the diversity and uniqueness of our team.

We've created a network of professionals that spans from the vibrant energy and fresh ideas of young talents to seasoned experts with years of industry experience.

This blend of seniority and varied cultural backgrounds is our fertile ground, nurturing innovation and creativity.

Our synergy is not merely the result of technical skills; it's fueled by a set of shared values and a common vision.

Our ability to collaborate and value each individual's expertise allows us to seize opportunities that others miss, turning obstacles into launchpads for success.